Andy Owen is an Oxford-based visual artist interested in exploring how art can be used to promote discussion and debate around current issues relating to sustainability, the environment and climate change.

Whole Milk 6

Whole Milk, 2018, installed at Modern Art Oxford

Artist’s Statement

Growing up in a farming community in rural Shropshire, I have always felt a connection to the land around me. My current practice explores issues surrounding sustainability and the contemporary countryside and seeks to engage with questions about our about our own actions and the impact we have on our environment both locally and in the wider world.

Working with recycled or found materials, I have taken a departure from my previous practice in painting in pursuit of a deeper connection to the subjects I am investigating. I believe in the power of art to provide a safe space in which to engage with the important and sometimes uncomfortable issues facing society today. Through processes of collaborative investigation, in my works I explore new and different perspectives.


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